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The 20 Best Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Original Series This is a timeless list of 20 thrilling Star Trek episodes that delight, excite, and entertain, all the while exploring the deepest aspects of the human condition and questioning our place in the universe. Spock's Brain - Wikipedia In the episode, an alien female beams aboard the Enterprise and, after incapacitating the rest of the crew, surgically removes Spock's brain. Amok Time - Wikipedia In 2016, Hollywood Reporter rated "Amok Time" the 28th best television episode of all Star Trek franchise television prior to Star Trek: Discovery, including live-action and the animated series but not counting the movies. [3] In 2016, …

It produced the first action figures and toys based on Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1988, created a line of figures for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier in 1989, and released a series of Star Trek "Micro Machines" starship miniatures from 1993 until 1997.

Doomsday Machine, The | Star Trek Kirk and Scotty remain on board the Constellation to try and repair the starship, while McCoy beams Decker aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Decker informs the crew that a giant robot ship, a planet-eating machine made by a long-dead alien race, is roaming the galaxies, consuming all in its path for fuel, including whole planets.

Next door to Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton was a second attraction, The Borg Invasion 4-D. It was based on the Star Trek: Voyager television series. Instead of a motion simulator ride, The Borg Invasion was a 3-D movie with sensory effects (making it a “4-D” attraction). It closed when the Star Trek: The Experience ...

Free Star Trek: Trek Through Time slot machine | Casino ... Now here is one for all the trekkies out there! For the true old school trekkie this slot is such a treat as it features all the elements of the well know Star Trek series - the music, the characters, the starship named Enterprise and with a few animations to really give you the feel of commanding the bridge of a starship. Buckle up and spin the reels of Star Trek: Trek Through Time. Explore New Worlds Slot Machine - Play Free Star Trek Slots This WMS online slot is based on the original series and is one of a number of games with a Star Trek theme. ‘Explore New Worlds’ is the second game of the series and comes after ‘Red Alert’, access to each subsequent game coming when the player earns enough medals.

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"Star Trek" The Doomsday Machine (TV Episode 1967) - Plot ... They beam him back to the Enterprise and Kirk and a small landing party, including Scotty, remain on the Constellation in order to repair it. The Enterprise could have simply escaped, but this giant planet-killer (which looks like a large horn) is on a direct path to Federation space, so somehow, Kirk must destroy it.