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Strip Poker: Where to Find Deep Stack Tournaments in Vegas Days Time Buy-in Chips Bonus Total Starting Chip Stack Levels Sun-Fri Noon $145 6,000 $5 for 1,500 in chips 7,500 30 minutes Sat Noon $540 7,500 $10 for 2,500 in chips 10,000 40 minutes For more ... Poker Starting Stack? | Yahoo Answers Whats a perfect starting stack for a re-buy tournament with my friends I have these chip Values writing on the chips: 25/50/100/500/1000/5000 I would like to play a 10,000 starting stack with 100 big blinds What would be a perfect chip demonotions and number of chips for this to happen? borgataonline You asked for it – the weekly $320 buy-in Mega Thursday is here! With 12,500 starting chip stack and a player-friendly structure, this tournament allows for more play when it counts most! Go ahead, bluff your way to the final table and take home your share of the prize pool.

There are several different ways to play a big stack in the early to middle stages, but each of these are dependent upon the players at your table and how they are playing. More than anything, this is the most important factor to consider when playing a big stack.

Poker Tournament Blind Structure - The faster the blind period is the faster the tournament ends and the more luck involves. So it’s a good idea to have slightly longer blind periods at your house game. 15 or 20 minute blind periods are good choices. Blinds in online websites tend to go up faster. This is because online poker action is much faster than live poker.

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For instance, from a starting stack of 2,000 chips, blinds usually start at 25/50. When the time is up, blinds will increase to 50/100. Blinds will continue to increase ... 10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips: Fast vs. Slow Structures | PokerNews

Poker Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for serious players and enthusiasts of poker.Then if I increase the starting chips to say 100,000 would the players then receive? As a rule of thumb. I'm looking for a relationship so that I can create a function regardless of the starting value.

^this^ If you're starting a new regular game, I'd personally keep the starting stacks at 5k, regardless of how many players you have. When you have 12 players or less, then you can do starting stacks of 20/20/5 to get even more chips on the table and use the 1ks for colors ups. How To Build A MASSIVE Stack In Poker Tournaments - YouTube Today I have a BIG announcement. But first I am joined by Pratyush Buddiga to discuss what it takes to really run up a big stack early in multi-table tournaments. Learn more about the Tournament ...